BSO BOON will not increase the prices for the year 2021

Given the current crisis, BSO BOON has decided that the hourly rates will not be increased for the time being.
For emergency shelter you can count on BSO BOON!

We have decided to close our settlement at the Meerkamp definitive 1st of January 2021

To make it easier for the parents/guardians we have created a Pick Up Point in front of the swimming pool de Meerkamp.
Children who were originally placed at Boon at The Meerkamp can be picked up here by their parents/guardians on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday between 18.00 hours and 18.15 hours.

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Exercise starts with BOON because BOON believes that children should exercise. So at BOON you will not find computer games, no TVs, no permission to use portable phones or iPads. Playing is an innate need. Children always play. Through play, children process the things they experience every day or they can use their energy. With us, exercise is the means to have fun, to develop and perhaps to discover hidden talents!

It is precisely because exercise is so important for the development of the child that both BOON branches are located at or on sports fields.
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BOON’s vision is that children should exercise. They have been at school all day and movement is no longer an item there. > more …

Every quarter, parents receive an overview of what the children are going to do each day. That gives clarity and structure.

We offer external transport to sports facilities within the municipal boundary of Amstelveen, with the exception of school holidays. > more…

BSO BOON Amstelveen, the After School Care where children really move!

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