From May 11, BSO BOON will open its doors again and we will welcome the children


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Being active starts at BOON because BOON believes that children need exercise. So you won’t find any computer games or TVs and there won’t be any permission to use mobile phones or iPads at BOON.

Because being active is so important for the development of the child, both locations of BOON are located next to or on sports fields.

BOON Escapade is located on the grounds of the RKAVIC football club, where they have access to all the football pitches, the adjacent sports hall, mini tennis courts, large play island for the older children, as well as the nearby BOOTCAMP course.

BOON at the Meerkamp offers even more. A large playing field with a complete playground during the period that the Meerkamp outdoor pool is closed. The playing field can also be used when the outdoor pool is open.

Ofcourse BOON at the MEERKAMP also uses all the facilities at BOON ESCAPADE because there’s only a short distance between the two locations and BOON has its own transport.

So, as already mentioned: BEING ACTIVE STARTS AT BOON

It starts with Active


And BOON offers so much more. A selection of what we offer: OUTDOOR SPORTS: Including football, volleyball, basketball, tennis, golf, lacrosse, rounders and hockey clinics. There is no limit for the sports opportunities at BOON.

Older children have the chance to practice as a DJ.

During bad weather, BOON has access to sports halls where indoor sports can be played.

Excursions with private transportation to theme parks, the swimming pond in the Amsterdamse Bos, the Petting Zoo near the Escapade, etc. At BOON, the children’s enjoyment is the top priority!

Arranging swimming lessons both at THE MEERKAMP swimming pool and at Health City ESCAPADE.

And ofcourse, any required homework support.

BOON has extensive opportunities for taking music lessons. BOON has its own music teacher on-site, who graduated in guitar and piano from the Conservatory in Tel Aviv. Individual music lessons on keyboard and guitar are also possible for children who don’t attend BOON daycare. If interested, send an email to:

If wished, BOON can offer (for a fee) external transport to sporting facilities within the municipal boundary of Amstelveen on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday we offer external transport until 4:30pm. With the exception of school holidays.

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Because BOON believes that children need exercise, BOON’s vision is: Being Active Starts at Boon. All day, they’ve been sitting at their desks at school, where exercise is no longer on the agenda. That’s why at BOON you won’t find children playing computer games, watching television or playing on their mobile phones or iPads. It’s because exercise is so important for a child’s development that both BOON locations are located next to or on sports facilities

In a glorious environment, located outside the Schiphol flight paths, children can enjoy and reap the health benefits of playing outside.

BOON ESCAPADE is located at the ESCAPADE Sports Park on the grounds of the RKAVIC football club, where there is access to all the soccer pitches, the adjoining sports hall, mini tennis courts and real tennis courts, a climbing frame with swings, as well as the nearby boot camp trail.

BOON at THE MEERKAMP has even more to offer. Alongside the swimming pool, there is a large, fully equipped playground, basketball court, volleyball court and soccer field, all for BOON’s exclusive use in the period when the THE MEERKAMP outdoor swimming pool is closed. When the outdoor pool is open, the playground is clearly divided into one area for use by the general public, and one area allocated for children attending BOON. BOON also has its own mini tennis courts. Moreover, BOON bij THE MEERKAMP also has access to all the facilities enjoyed by BOON ESCAPADE. Thanks to BOON having its own transport, the distance between the two locations is short enough to ensure that regular shuttling is possible.

On Wednesdays and Fridays and during all school holidays, the two locations come together at the Escapade, which is a lot more fun for the children, because the numbers on those days are smaller.

As already mentioned, the vision of BSO BOON can be summed up as follows: BEING ACTIVE STARTS AT BOON!

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BSO BOON Amstelveen, the after-school care where children really move!