Due to great success, extended ski lessons at Snowworld for children from 7 years old

Of course you can invite a friend to accompany you during the Summer Holiday Child Care Program. The participation price for 1 friend will be € 25.00 per day. It is only possible to have one friend accompany your child during the holiday on a one child, one time per week basis. Button friends participation card.


BOON offers a helping hand. Children who do not have a regular contract with BOON can also receive care during the autumn holidays from Monday 18 October to Friday 22 October 2021, from 8:00 am to 6:30 pm! If the weather conditions allow it, the autumn holiday care also consists of outings such as: Linnaushof, Duinrell, Artis, swimming at the swimming pool De Meerkamp, the Amsterdamse Bos, the Kinderboerderij and so on.
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BSO BOON is the most sportive BSO in Amstelveen. Our motto is: Move at our Level. With Boon you will not find computer games, no tv’s and the use of portable phones or iPads is strictly forbidden. On the beautiful Escapade Complex BOON has been situated for more than 13 years between soccerfields, tenniscourts, bootcamp track, gymroom etc. etc. And situated for from the approach and starting path from Schiphol Airport the air is not polluted at all! Rain or Shine, at BOON we always move. Outside or Inside our 900 square meters premises. Even an inside disco is available. At BOON your child will never be bored!

It is precisely because exercise is so important for the development of the child that BOON branche are located at or on sports fields.

BOON’s vision is that children should exercise. They have been at school all day and movement is no longer an item there. > more …

Every quarter, parents receive an overview of what the children are going to do each day. That gives clarity and structure.

We offer external transport to sports facilities within the municipal boundary of Amstelveen, with the exception of school holidays. > more…



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