Escapade 9
1183NM Amstelveen

Located at Sportpark ESCAPADE at RKAVIC football club.

BOON has access to a (lit) artificial turf field, a private playground for the youngest children and a playground with tennis and basketball facilities. Other games and sports are also available on the playground.

BOON works closely with its neighbours and thereby also has the opportunity to use real tennis courts, a beach volleyball court and a real outdoor bootcamp course.

BOON children have the chance, for a fee, to have swimming lessons at HealthCity.

BOON ESCAPADE is open from Monday to Friday.

We have decided to close our
settlement at DE MEERKAMP
definitive 1st of January 2021


To make it easier for the parents/guardians we have created a Pick Up Point in front of the swimming pool de Meerkamp. Children who were originally placed at Boon at The Meerkamp can be picked up here by their parents/guardians on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday between 18.00 hours and 18.15 hours.