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vision -BSO-BOON

BOON’s vision:

Being Active Starts at Boon. All day, they’ve been sitting at their desks at school, where exercise is no longer on the agenda. That’s why at BOON you won’t find children playing computer games, watching television or playing on their mobile phones or iPads. It’s because exercise is so important for a child’s development that both BOON locations are located next to or on sports facilities In a glorious environment, located outside the Schiphol flight paths, children can enjoy and reap the health benefits of playing outside.

BSO BOON is by far the most sportive after school children’s care from Amstelveen and surrounding areas. Already more than 12 years BOON proves to have achieved her goals.

At BSO BOON the children are divided in 2 groups. The MINI’S (4 up till 7 years) and the MAXI’S (from 8 up till 12 years). For the Mini’s games inside. Creative crafts, listening to music and dancing in our disco! But of course exercise remains paramount, the sports fields and sports halls available to us are used daily.

When you are a MAXI you have to exercise! When the weather conditions allow it they will exercise outside.. TENNIS, BASKETBALL, BOOTCAMP COURSE AND ALL OTHER SPORTS – Much to much to mention, which we will not do. Our possibilities in this respect are endless!

For both groups there are music lessons; both guitar and piano lessons. And there are plenty of instruments that are loaned, free of charge, for the children that they can use at home.