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Celebrate holidays, Holiday programs at BSO BOON

Christmas break 2022 at BSO BOON

When:Monday 26 December to Friday 6 January 2023
Where: Reception at BOON ESCAPADE.
Time: Bring between 08:00 – 09:30.
Pick up from 4:30 PM.

Other times in consultation with the location manager.

You can register until Sunday December 11, 2022!

Please note: When a child is brought to BSO BOON Amstelveen without registration, the child will be refused at the front door and given to the carer/contractor in connection with not being able to guarantee the child/leader ratio.

TRIBE GROUPS in this holiday

The legislation and regulations state that a child in out-of-school care is placed in a fixed group of children. This group of children is called a “tribe group.” The law provides scope to deviate from this rule temporarily. With written permission from the parents, (extra) childcare can temporarily take place in a group other than the child’s base group.

When will your child be placed in a different base group?
Your child can occasionally be placed in a second base group for a day (part) or for a certain period:

When the groups are understaffed;
During holidays;

When requesting an extra day when there is no room in the own base group.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Mini 1 Open Open Joint care in mini 3 Open Joint care in mini 3
Mini 2 Open Open Joint care in mini 3 Open Joint care in mini 3
Mini 3 Open Open Joint care in mini 3 Open Joint care in mini 3
Maxi 1 Open Open Joint care in mini 2 Open Joint care in mini 2
Maxi 2 Open Open Joint care in maxi 2 Open Joint care in maxi 2
Maxi 3 Open Open Joint care in maxi 2 Open Joint care in maxi 2

If your child is placed in a different group because of an extra day, you will be asked for separate permission.

Forgot to register?

  • In case of late registration, BSO BOON Amstelveen cannot guarantee that the child can be admitted despite the fact that it concerns a so-called fixed day care. The leader / child ratio sometimes does not allow that.
  • If the contractor has forgotten to register the child in time, or completely, this can always be done by telephone before 9:00 am on the day itself, if there is room. (Tel. 020 – 47 21 300). In that case, a surcharge will be charged.
  • When a child is brought unregistered to BSO BOON Escapade, Amstelveen, the child will be refused at the front door and given to the caregiver / contractor.

Concept of “Holiday (childcare)”

Holidays are understood to mean: all days off included in the national holiday overview for primary education drawn up by the ministry.
The contracting party is entitled to full-day care for the days that have been contractually agreed, but you must also register for this.

Requesting Holiday Care

  • Registration must be done for each holiday, for a specific period, via website> holiday
  • The registration form clearly states the latest date for registration.
  • The program for the holiday will be sent to the contractor approx. 1 weeks in advance.
  • After registration, the contract always receives a confirmation email, not received after registration? Please contact us via
  • Confirmation email also gives access to BSO BOON on the registered days during the holidays.

Conditions for extra childcare during the Additional days

The contracting party can request an extra day of holiday via the registration form. Only after the registration period has closed the contractor will receive whether this day has been approved. attendant / child ratio.
If an extra day is purchased during the summer holiday, it will be charged at €93,98.

Register Christmas break open

    Inschrijving, Registration

    Naam kind, Name child 1*

    Stamgroep, Tribe group

    Naam kind, Name child 2

    Stamgroep, Tribe group

    Naam kind, Name child 3

    Stamgroep, Tribe group

    Naam kind, Name child 4

    Stamgroep, Tribe group

    Bijzonderheden/ allergieën, Details / allergies

    Keuze dagen vakantie/ Choice days holiday

    In het onderstaande schema kunt u met de volgende letters aangeven welk(e) dag(en) uw kind(eren) naar de opvang komen: V = vaste dag / E = extra dag, In the diagram below you can indicate with the following letters which day (s) your child (ren) will come to the daycare: V = fixed day / E = extra day

    Week 52

    Maandag 26 dec, Monday dec 26, 2022
    Dinsdag 27 dec, Tuesday dec 27
    Woensdag 28 dec, Wednesday dec 28
    Donderdag 29 dec, Thursday dec 29
    Vrijdag 30 dec/ Friday dec 30

    Week 1

    Maandag 2 jan, Monday jan 2, 2023
    Dinsdag 3 jan, Tuesday jan 3
    Woensdag 4 jan, Wednesday jan 4
    Donderdag 5 jan, Thursday jan 5
    Vrijdag 6 jan/ Friday jan 6

    Ruildagen zijn in de vakantie niet mogelijk. Het programma is onder voorbehoud van het weer. Exchange days are not possible during the holidays. The program is subject to the weather. Als tijdens de vakantie een extra dag wordt afgenomen, wordt deze in rekening gebracht á €93,98 If an extra day is taken during the holidays, it will be charged at €93,98

    Gegevens ouder, data parents

    Ouders/verzorger, Parents / Caregiver

    Email ouder(s)/ verzorger(s), Parents / Caregiver

    Telefoon ouder(s)/ verzorger(s), Phone Parents / Caregiver

    Naam Contractant, Name Contractor

    Akkoord door ouder verzorger, Agreement by parent carer
    Aanvrager verklaart onherroepelijk dat zij/hij gemachtigd is deze aanvraag te doen, The applicant declares irrevocably that he / she is authorized to make this application.

    Velden met een sterretje* zijn verplicht! Fields with an asterisk * are required!

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