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The vacation at BSO BOON

Important information holiday care:
We will also use the Kids Konnect app for the holidays, in which the children are scheduled on their fixed days during the holidays from 08:00 – 18:30, but please note: You must register your child(ren) in the app. report if they are NOT present during the holidays.
Kindly request to all parents/guardians, that if your child(ren) are absent on one or more days during the holiday, you put him/her on absent in the app because of the holiday. the child-leader ratio.
Please do not forget this, e.g. the number of children who will be present, the outings, etc. are also reserved and employees deployed.

This is different from before, you no longer have to register your child(ren) for the holiday via the website. You can easily and quickly deregister your child(ren) via the app, so make good use of this.

You can also request extra days and/or exchange days during the holidays via the app.
Exchange days are impossible during holidays if it concerns a day with an outing.