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The BSO BOON Policy plan

BSO BOON a Safe, Trusted and Sporty After School Daycare Centre!

The BSO BOON Policy Plan
Is available for inspection at our office:

1183 NM Amstelveen

For appointment to view it
Please Call: 020 – 47 213 00

Inspection reports

A GGD (public health service) inspection is carried out on the basis of a checklist that consists of over 100 items. The items are rated as sufficient or insufficient. We think it’s really important that the GGD inspections are carried out every year so that the transparency in childcare is increased and the quality is guaranteed. Below are the links to our GGD reports. For more information please contact the branch office manager or visit the GGD website.

Inspection report BOON ESCAPADE / Inspection report BOON DE MEERKAMP