Gegevens Kind (Child data)

    Naam kind (Child name)*

    Geboortedatum kind (Date of birth of child)*

    School (School)*

    Gewenste Startdatum (Desired Start date)*

    Welke dagen opvang gewenst (Which days of childcare desired)*

    Heeft U kind al op een dagopvang gezeten? (Have you already been a child on a day care)*

    Zo ja, welke? (If yes which one)

    Kennismaking (Introduction)

    Kennismakingsgesprek (Introductory meeting)*

    Datum gesprek (Date of conversation)*

    Gewenste tijd (Desired time)*

    Gegevens Ouders (Data parents)

    Ouders/verzorger (Parents / Caretaker)*

    Email ouders /verzorger (Email Parents / Caretaker)*

    Telefoon ouders/verzorger (Phone Parents / Caretaker)*

    Het is de ouders/verzorgers bekend dat door BSO BOON de afspraak eerst per e-mail bevestigd wordt alvorens hij definitief is. BSO BOON beantwoordt deze kennismakingsaanvraag gewoonlijk binnen drie werkdagen. (It is known to the parents / caretakers that by BSO BOON the appointment is first confirmed by e-mail before it is final. BSO BOON usually answers this introductory request within three working days.)

    Velden met een sterretje* zijn verplicht! (Fields with an asterisk * are mandatory!)

    BSO BOON ESCAPADE, Escapade 9, 1183 NM Amstelveen, Telefoon: 020-4721300,,, KvK:33098423, IBAN:NL61RABO0101381611, BTW:0014.50.712.B01, LRK nr. BSO BOON Escapade: 163500320, BSO BOON is een onderdeel van Sportondersteuning Nederland B.V.

    Tour request at BSO BOON

    Of course we at BSO BOON understand that you first want to see what BSO BOON stands for and what the possibilities are before you entrust your child(ren) to us.

    There is only one way to find out. Come and visit us!  The best way to see what we are really doing with the children is to look for yourself.

    ALLREADY CONVINCED? If you are already convinced, you can register your child with us right away.

    From its start 11 years ago BOON has been the only After School Care where children HAD TO MOVE! Our children are  moving in a spectacular way. No computer games, no television, no iPhones and iPads, but all kind of sports such as Golf, Tennis, Lacrosse etc. etc.

    Because we want to provide you with the best possible information and service, it’s not possible to just stop by or walk in.

    You can call us for an appointment at 020 – 4721300 between our office hours (9.30-14.30 hrs.) which is the easiest way because the appointment can then be confirmed immediately.

    Application for a tour can also be made by filling in the form below and you will be contacted as soon as possible within 24 hours.